We are All Fenix. Here's a little something about us...

About us

All Fenix was founded in 2015 by Melbourne-based couple Georgia and Jason. We started out with an idea to create functional pieces that were versatile enough to be worn beyond any workout. We started producing 10 pieces at a time at a local Melbourne factory in Footscray and would sell them in a run down office turned pop up shop every weekend. Now, 5 years in, we are leading the way in the fashionable activewear space. We are a major partner to some of the leading specialty retailers in the world and are at the forefront of design and innovation. All Fenix is now a curated collection of active, lounge, outerwear and accessories all designed in house by our small but amazing team!


Minimal essentials, made simple.

Our Collections & Designs

We create limited, premium collections that are designed here in Melbourne. Our team works super hard to bring you fresh new styles each season. Our design, sampling and production process from start to finish takes around 6-8 months per piece, which means there's a lot of love and work that went into your new favourite sports bra or legging you just purchased!

The Name

The name was conceptualised in the early days, as we considered our business motivation. We wanted to create an activewear label that represented all women: those who are active and those who want to be active; those who want to live healthier lives and are ready to kick start that journey. That’s where the PHOENIX comes in: a mythical bird that represents rebirth and rejuvenation. Synonymous with energy and activity, we felt the name truly embodied our brand.
Why spell it Fenix? We wanted to recreate it and make it our own.

Why our products?

Our Sustainability Journey

We’re the first to admit that we’re not perfect, but we are constantly improving our sustainability efforts for the good of our planet. Our main focus this year is to reduce our environmental impact. The fashion industry emits 1.7 billion tons of CO2 per year. Most emissions come from raw materials, so improving the way we produce fabrics could have a huge impact. We've started small, with a mix of recyclable packaging including our shipping satchels and garment bags and the introduction of our recycled active pieces which is made from recycled polyester (aka old clothing) and repurposed into new fiber without the use of petroleum. This method reduces up to 80% of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. We will also begin introducing organic cottons as well as the use of eco-friendly dyes. Our packaging is changing to bio-degradable materials and we are also working with various charities in Australia that help to restore the land and the Great Barrier Reef.

Our Donations

We are regular donators and sponsors of lots of different charities and causes. We believe in giving back to our communities, no matter how big or small. We have currently partnered up with I=Change, which we give $1 back from every online purchase to a charity of your choice. We are currently working with 3 charities that we feel extremely passionately about - Feeding Aussies in Crisis (partnership with Food Bank), Restoring the Great Barrier Reef (partnership with Greening Australia) and Protecting a Woman (partnership with Women’s Community Shelters).